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Nowadays, people are more and more concerned about environmental impact and its protection, and this includes the cold heading industry. Of course, reducing total costs by using highly performing lubricants is important but the responsible use of such products is also a main topic.

When looking for the most efficient lubricating solution, CONDAT’s ambition is not only to guarantee a high level of performance, it is also to provide support towards responsible performance that takes into account social and environmental issues. To achieve this, CONDAT provides solutions that allow you to increase your productivity and reduce your oil consumption all whilst respecting personnel and the environment.

Increase your productivity Impression

Increasing productivity responsibly means, for example, getting the most out of your facilities by reducing maintenance downtime with EXTRUGLISS Dual purpose oils. Applied for the lubrication of slides and cold heading operations, EXTRUGLISS products can double the life of your baths in service, thus reducing your drain intervals by 50% thanks to their high-class properties.

EXTRUGLISS® Dual-Purpose oils are formulated to provide both superior lubrication characteristics to your machinery and outstanding lubrication for your cold heading process. They eliminate the cross-contamination problems generally encountered during cold heading operations.

And because, in typical cold heading applications, approximately 80% of oil consumption occurs when oil is dragged out of the machine on the surfaces of formed parts, EXTRUGLISS® oils are specially formulated to run at lower viscosity to limit oil drag out,. They decrease consumption dramatically and lower costs. Compare to standard technologies, EXTRUGLISS have proven to reduce lubricant consumption of more than 30% under identical manufacturing parameters.

They are also formulated to limit soap swelling.  With most heading lubricants, wire drawing soaps swell in suspension in the oil, negatively affecting oil performance, and requiring more frequent oil replacement. As the world leading manufacturer of wire drawing products, CONDAT has been able to develop technology which limits this swelling effect. EXTRUGLISS® is specially formulated to allow drawing soaps and other contaminants to settle out of the oil, carrying with them abrasive metallic particles. As a result, the lubricant remains clean and provides optimum performance. Time between oil change out is therefore increased, die life improved and oil disposal costs reduced.

Reduce your oil consumption

The best waste is no waste. Just like above, EXTRUGLISS and EXTRUDEX ranges can help you on this theme. Using the right quantity of lubricant while maintaining high performance is a major issue at CONDAT.

lubrifiants-forge-reacteur-avionEXTRUDEX range includes extreme pressure neat cold heading oils that are formulated to supply heavy duty lubrication. Thanks to their chlorine free complete additives package active from low to high temperature, they offer outstanding lubrification for a broad range of operation. Thus, using a minimum and accurate quantity of EXTRUDEX in your process allows you to reach similar performances compare to standard cold heading oils, at lower cost. EXTRUDEX oils are stand-alone lubricants that can be used only for the die side of the process. This product range is designed to improve tool life and usage on special deformation such as aerospace alloys and exotic alloys. They also allow homogeneous coating on the parts which contribute to an optimum surface finish and no deposit on dies and punches. With very high flash points, they are safe lubricants as they reduce risk of fire thus improving security in your workshops.

Secure your working conditions and minimize environmental impact CONDAT EXTRUGLISS HT 268 VP

Concerned for the future, CONDAT is committed to a responsible approach and offers its customers technical solutions allowing them to reduce their impact on the working place and the environment.

Since June 2019, CONDAT presented EXTRUGLISS HT 268 VP, a premium cold heading oil specially formulated for extreme operations that generate excessive heat (stainless steel, alloy steel with high elastic limit…). Even if no regulation for cold heading operations was emitted for BaP generation in cold heading operations, CONDAT developed EXTRUGLISS HT 268 VP to solve BaP emissions problems. This neat cold heading oil is formulated from high quality, highly refined base oils; it contains fewer residual compounds that may degrade to PAH. Much more stable and pure, it resists to oxidation, increases the life of the baths and facilitates degreasing by preventing the formation of sticky residues on the parts. Less volatile, it limits also oil evaporation and mist generation, thus improving the atmosphere in the workshops.

CONDAT_EXTRUGLISS GREEN_Sustainable Cold heading oilTo minimize its impact on environmental, CONDAT has also worked hard on solutions based on renewable raw material. EXTRUGLISS GREEN is a good example of lubricant development allowing to reduce by 70% of the amount of fossil carbon in cold heading oils. For the same performance as non-vegetable based oils, EXTRUGLISS GREEN enables to manufacture very difficult parts. Thanks to the high level of lubricity of vegetal base oil (3 times more efficient than standard mineral base oils), this product enables some references manufactured initially through machining to be produced with cold stamping process.

EXTRUGLISS GREEN’s vegetable-based cold-heading oils meets high technical requirements such as section reductions greater than 70% or operations generating enormous pressure on tools (punches & dies) all whilst increasing the OEE* and reducing tooling budgets. These dual-purpose oils can be used for heavy duty forming operations (screw, bolt, nuts and extrusion’s parts). Their high flash point ensure lower mist and smokes, giving also operators a friendly working environment

*OEE= Overall Equipment Effectiveness

For more information, meet CONDAT lubricant cold heading experts at Wire Düsseldorf Hall 16 Stand B59 or contact us on www.condat.fr or info@condat.fr




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