- Le 01/03/2023

Sugar Cane – Brazil

Do you know that Brazil is the first producer of sugar cane in the World!

And, so what?
If sugar cane is mainly dedicated to the manufacture of sugar, this raw material is of increasing interest to the energy industries as it is more and more used to produce ethanol and electricity in biomass power plants.

And there are plenty of applications for our lubricants on the sugar cane market! Lubrication of agricultural machinery (harvest), hydraulic systems, mechanical gearboxes, turbines and many others…

In Brasil, our local production site CONDAT DO BRASIL is a major player thanks to the wide range of lubricants it offers to sugar mills
But there is more than that ! We are offering biodegradable lubricants for this industry!

What are the benefits of these biodegradable lubricants, besides the fact that they are more respectful of the environment?

  • less consumption
  • cleaner machinery
  • increased protection of your tools (with fire resistant hydraulic fluids for instance)

Because local supply of high performance products is also our commitment to Responsible Performance

Want to know more? Contact Joyce Ramos, at Condat Do Brasil !