Sealing of intermediate station on micro tunnel boring machines

Intermediate station sealants
Sealing of the intermediate station on micro tunnel boring machines to reduce the risk of breakage of the precast concrete rings.


In microtunnels, the precast concrete rings are driven from the access shaft. For long drives, the thrust is too great and risks either breaking the rings or halting the progress of the micro tunnel boring machine. Intermediate stations are therefore installed and used to pass on the thrust force applied at the start-up shaft.

To protect and seal these intermediate stations, CONDAT offers:

  • HBW NewGeneration

Product benefits

  • Resistance to wash-out: water, foam, mud...
  • Resistance to pressure
  • Good lubrication
  • Biodegradability
  • Respect for the environment in a spirit of sustainable development
  • Approved by tunnel boring machines manufacturers