Lubrication of energy production equipment: nuclear, thermal, steam and wind turbines, hydroelectric dams. Very high performance fire-resistant oils and greases

Corrugated board industry

Lubricants for the corrugated board industry. On the corrugator: corrugated cylinders, rollers, glueing machines, unwinding stands, slitter-scorer, knives. Processing equipment: co...

Dams / Locks

Biodegradable lubricants for Galle chains of dam and lock gates and for hydraulic systems. Steering rack greases. Turbine oils for hydroelectric facilities.

Other application fields

CONDAT also offers lubrication solutions in many other fields of activity to ensure extended lifetime of your equipment while respecting the environment.


Fire-resistant hydraulic fluids for tilting melting furnaces. Technical greases for transport ladle axles, furnace door rollers and air ventilating bearings, ladle cleaning machine...

Primary Aluminium

Fire-resistant hydraulic fluids and technical greases for melting and holding furnaces, transfer ladle axles. Lubricants for continuous or semi-continuous casting, hot rolling line...

Aluminium and Ferro-alloys

Maintenance lubricants in the primary aluminium alloys and ferro-alloy industries: alumina plants, aluminium smelters, hot rolling mills, strip casters, aluminium extrusion, die ca...

Hot rolling

Specific maintenance production for lubrication of the reheating furnace, from the rolling mill to the coilers.