CONDAT, the global leader in powder lubricants for the wire drawing industry, has an extensive range of products for the wire, bar and tube markets(drawing and forming). Uniquely placed to offer a complete range of lubricants, products and services for these industries, CONDAT’s extensive offering includes the following:

  • SURFACE TREATMENTS: VICAFIL® ‘’TS” Series for carbon & stainless steels, including low-borax and
    borax-free products. Polymer additives.
  • DRY POWDER LUBRICANTS: VICAFIL® and STEELSKIN® products, including: Sodium-Based Soaps (TN, SPS, SPM and Named series e.g. SUMAC 2 X).
    Calcium-Based Soaps (TF and Named series e.g. CASSIA G).
    Aluminum-Based Soaps (for cold heading).
    Specialty Powder Lubricants (non-soaps, e.g. synthetic wax etc.).
  • NEAT ‘OIL’ LUBRICANTS: VICAFIL® “TFH” Series: Available in oil-based, semi-synthetic and full synthetic
    formulations. With or without extreme pressure additives.
    VICAFIL® “TFG” Series: Neat greases.
    VICAFIL® “TCH” Series: Naphthenic oils for copper tube drawing.
  • SOLUBLE LUBRICANTS: VICAFIL® “SL” Series: Wet-draw lubricants in oil-based, semi-synthetic and full synthetic formulations.
    VICAFIL® “SP” Series: Soluble pastes.
    VICAFIL® “WC” Series: Weaving compounds for chain link fencing.
    VICAFIL® “TCU” Series: Products for copper wire drawing in oil-based,
    semi-synthetic and full synthetic formulations.
    CONDAFORM Series: tube bending gels.
  • PROTECTIVE PRODUCTS: CONDAPROTECT Series: both neat oil and soluble products for the protection of
    ferrous and non-ferrous steels (including carbon steels, zinc galvanized, aluminum and copper etc.).
  • CLEANING & DEGREASING: CONDACLEAN Series: powdered alkaline cleaner (including caustic and non-caustic formulations). Liquid degreaser lubricants also available.
  • CHARCOAL PRODUCTS: GALVASMOOTH® Series: charcoal-based products, for use as zinc galvanizing wiping mediums.
  • ANCILLARY PRODUCTS & EQUIPMENT: CONDABRUSH: spiral brush systems for mechanical descaling / cleaning.
    Also available :
    ‘Supersac’ (tote bag) powder dispensing systems.
    ‘Tank-side’ additives : fungicide, biocide and defoamer chemicals.
    Test equipment (refractometers etc.).

Powder-based lubricants can be supplied in a variety of packages, including fiber drums (the ‘standard’), two styles of ‘supersac’ tote bags and pails.*

Liquid products can be supplied in steel drums (the ‘standard’), non-returnable totes (typically 330-gallon capacity) and pails. In addition, certain products may be available for bulk tanker delivery.*

To complement our industry leading product range, CONDAT has a strong team of experienced sales professionals that can assist customers in making the right product recommendations, aimed at providing the optimum combination of performance and value in their lubricant selections. Backed by the support of the CONDAT SA Group, CONDAT Corporation can offer a complete package of product and service through strong sales and technical support.

* Please check availability, as not all products are available in all package types.