Metalworking Lubricants–Vegetable and Preservative Based Coolants
Trade names: Mecagreen & Polybio

These unique blends of synthetic vegetable esters demonstrate some very favorable characteristics in both machining and grinding applications:
Areas of Improvement:

  • 10-30% improvement in tooling life through a more complex and uniform distribution of select vegetable esters and emulsifiers
  • Up to 30-45% less Consumption
  • Clean running like a synthetic coolant but with the lubricity of a soluble oil
  • User Friendly through both vegetable ester and preservative innovations
  • Recyclable through high speed centrifugation.

Metalworking–Dual Purpose Neat Cutting & Grinding Oils
CONDACUT DP Series Lubricants have shown to perform well in Swiss screw machines by improving tool life and finishes. CONDACUT DP Series Lubricants have shown the ability to substantially reduce smoke associated with heavy machining.
Areas of Improvement:

  • Extended Tooling Life
  • Dual Purpose cutting and mechanical lubrication
  • Longer Fluid Life : cross contamination and oxidation stability
  • Low smoke or mist
  • Multi-metal friendly
  • Recyclable

Metalworking Green cutting & grinding oils.
Neat Green series lubricants is a unique blends of synthetic vegetable esters with an exceptional oxidation stability.

  • Extended Tooling Life
  • Reduce mist and smoke
  • Improve finishing operations
  • Multi-metal friendly
  • Dual purpose.

Cold Heading (Forming) lubricants
Condat has created a series of innovative chemistries which offer unique benefits around increased production efficiencies on difficult parts & decrease fluid consumption.
Trade Names: Extrugliss, Extrudex & CondaMax
The primary benefits behind these unique chemistries are the following:

  • Increased die & tool life
  • Dual purpose for both forming and machine lubrication
  • Recyclable with a minimum 75% return!

The secondary benefits are:

  • Decreased consumption due to lower oil drag
  • Low smoke
  • Clean running

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Specialty Maintenance Oils
Condat provides innovative chemistries around slide ways lubricants and hydraulic oils that provide a series of advantages in the industrial marketplace.
Trade Names: WayPure & HydraPure

  • Extends Coolant Life: Less down time for DCR’s, Lower disposal costs, lower coolant consumption, in most cases we see a 2-3 times extension on present coolant life
  • Machinability: Provides additional lubricity to your coolant increasing your metalworking efficiency, and reinforce corrosion inhibition.
  • Green: WAYPURE® is EPA friendly. It doesn’t contain conventional extreme pressure additives (heavy metals) such as phosphorus, sulphur, and zinc
  • Clean: WAYPURE® cleans out the build-up that conventional oils leave behind in both lines and check valves allowing for better way lubrication and less maintenance

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