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WIRE DRAWING LUBRICANTS : CONDAT CORPORATION has recently launched a new non-reactive pre-coating VICAFIL TS 7112: this versatile new product is both borax-free and phosphate free, and may be used for both in-line applications (following mechanical descaling etc.) or for batch dip coating systems. Designed for processing both high carbon steels and low carbon steels in a variety of applications (ranging from high speed drawing to cold heading applications), this product significantly improves drawing performance, while addressing the environmental concerns associated with boron and phosphate based salts.

MECAGREEN AER0 are high performance coolants. Meeting the requirements of the aeronautic market, MECAGREEN AERO allow perfect machining of the most technical parts. This range is available in two versions: MECAGREEN 450 AERO and MECAGREEN 550
• Innovative formula
MECAGREEN AERO's base oils are 100% renewable and formulated from polar synthetic esters with the highest performance available on the market.
MECAGREEN AERO improve your tool life
• Eco-friendly coolants
These operator friendly fluids, the MECAGREEN AERO range, are designed by CONDAT laboratories without boron and chlorine and free from releasing formaldehyde. Formulated on synthetic esters from natural sources, they are free of mineral oils.
Not classified as irritating, non-sensitizing according to European regulations, these products carry no hazard symbol.
• Aeronautic requirements
MECAGREEN AERO range conform to the high standards of the following prestigious aerospace manufacturers:
- EADS (ASN 42302 document)
- SNECMA (n°455-201-0-00 indice B document)
- BOEING (BAC 5008 standard)
- BOMBARDIER (BAMS 569-001 rev A standard)
- MESSIER-DOWTY (IFC 30-850-02MD-ED3 specification)
- PRATT & WHITNEY (PWA 36604 Revision E)

CONDAT has used its 160 years of lubricant manufacturing and formulating experience to engineer an economical, extremely accurate and maintenance free dilution system for water based lubricants. The CONDAMIX dosing system can dilute a water based lubricant with a constant concentration even in the case of flow rate or pressure water variation. One of the main features of the unit is the ease in starting and running of the equipment, operator friendly with minimal training. The CONDAMIX unit is based on the principal of proportioning the differences between the water flow and the concentrated lubricant. The proportioning is obtained through an electronic turbine water meter which sends impulses to a special microprocessor The microprocessor, according to the predetermined concentration, operates a special variable capacity dosing pump, providing an injection of concentrate to the static mixer with each pulse. The lubricant is then vigorously mixed in the static mixer and is sent to the storage tank or directly to an application device.
For additional information regarding the CONDAMIX equipment please contact, 800.883.7876 or email