Hot Deformation and Glass lubricants

Forging Lubricants
CONDAT forging lubricants are uniquely formulated and designed to assist forging companies boost quality, productivity and profits in challenging marketplace. CONDAT’s forging product range offers economical and performance lubricants:

  • Graphite lubricants for hot and warm forging
  • Non- ferrous alloys forging lubricants
  • Lubricants and glass coatings for aeronautic forging
  • Synthetic lubricants for hot forging

Specific recommendations for your process can be obtained from our sales and technical staff.

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Die Casting Lubricants
Extensive research and development is how CONDAT has designed our full line of foundry lubricants. CONDAT foundry lubricants are clean, safe and perform exceptionally well for High pressure die casting, Gravity casting, Low pressure die casting and Squeeze casting. The die casting lubricants range includes:

  • Release agents
  • Plunger lubricants
  • Ladle coatings
  • Start-Up lubricants

And a complementary range of : fire resistant fluids, hydraulic oils, maintenance pastes,… Using CONDAT die casting lubricants can increase production, significantly reduce porosity, eliminate buildup and improve worker safety. CONDAT has a lubricant that assures you of excellent results!

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Glass Packaging Lubricants
Innovation has propelled CONDAT to a leading position in the manufacturing of glass lubricants. The demanding requirements in the Optical, Packaging, and Flat Glass industries are met and exceeded with CONDAT products. CONDAT offers a range of glass lubricants, which are resistant to high temperatures, have minimal residue formation and provide reduced lubrication intervals. Comprehensive laboratory services are available to assist companies in their lubricant requirements.
The glass packaging lubricants range includes:

  • Soluble lubricants for shear spray and for the “delivery system”
  • Neat oils for the “delivery system”
  • Dual-component product for the dry “delivery” coating
  • Graphited varnish for mold lubrication
  • Lubricants for SWABBING
  • Oils for conveyor belt chains
  • A complete range of oil and grease maintenance products “mineral and synthetic”

The flat glass lubricants range includes:

  • Neat oils for cutting
  • A complete range for edge grinding lubricants
  • Solutions for water treatment problems.
  • A complete range of maintenance products

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Quench Fluids
CONDAT is a worldwide leader in the heat treatment industry supplying oil and polymer quench fluids, and application expertise to a wide range of industries. Our technical staff and broad product range ensure high performance and solutions for your heat treating applications. Customers rely on the practical experience and technical competence of the experts at CONDAT with support for commissioning facilities, training and after sales service.

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Aluminum Extrusion fluids
CONDAT has created a quality, high performance range of lubricants for the extrusion industry. Billet End Coatings, Shear Blade and Saw Lubricants, Die and Dummy Block Lubricants. Products that are resistant to high temperatures and eliminate residue, facilitating easy post extrusion operations. CONDAT extrusion products are water based and comply with recent government regulations governing REACH and the use of biocides. Our knowledge is recognized by major aluminum extruders worldwide.